A downloadable game for Windows

You are bad in languages? No problem, with Translate! you can train your vocabulary skills. Just add the words you need, select a unit and start training them. Translate! is available in three languages: English, German and French.

At the first start, the configuration will start. Select your main languages (for Example 'German'), type in the language you want to learn ('English') and add your first word. (German: 'Hund', English: 'Dog'). Then hit 'Exit configuration' and add more words. You can see them if you hit 'All words', press 'Del' to delete them. Start by clicking 'Start' and a direction, select the units which you want to practice, and click the button again. Then just enter the word in the lower textbox, and hit enter (or click 'Check'-Button).

If you want to re-open the configuration, just hit f1, but the words won't be useful anymore.

PS: I started coding this software four days ago, so probably there might be some bugs.

Install instructions

This software doesn't have to be installed, just execute it.


Translate!.exe 2 MB